Sunday, December 2, 2012

Laura Henneforth

Some Will Say....

Greenland is too close to the sun, some will say, the water
Too warm to be cooled by glacial ice fracturing into the Atlantic
Antarctic shelves melt in blue depths, shortening the march of the penguins
Stirring up maelstroms off African shores that bulldoze raw Gulf Coast cities
Built too far below these fast rising sea levels. Some will say
The islands of the Southern Cross lose their beaches to encroaching tides
And Los Angeles will mimic Seattle’s low cloudiness but some will say
“A pattern!  A myth! Why, Global Warming is only a Fairy Tale!
“A few more degrees to heat the seven oceans isn’t that bad
“Greenland and Antarctica still make ice. It just thaws a little faster.
“So what if a polar bear has no berg to rest on?
“If Sandy drowns Wall Street how will the money ever stay dry?”


  1. from Mary Torregrossa:

    "I like the repeated chant "Some will say..." and the interior beat of lines such as "Stirring up maelstroms off African shores." Great ending!"

  2. "shortening the march of the penguins" got me. The last line is biting - love it!

  3. Excellent conservation poem. It's a cause that's close to my heart. Your words touch me to the core. The ironic nature of the last line just sums everything up so well.