Saturday, December 1, 2012

Maria Arana

Earthquakes 2012

I can see the ruptured waves bring down the homes of children
like a very bad case of GERD, earthquakes bring out the worst
great magnitudes of fractured faults beneath the earth show on relief maps
Earthquakes move, shake, and bounce while we go on with our lives
we pay no mind each hectic day until they shriek above 3.0
check out Beverly Hills 3.4, Yorba Linda 4.1, Brawley 5.3, Indonesia 6.6
I can see the frequent nightmares not known to begin or end
like the bop your spine makes after being inactive a long time
one loose part in this engine causes others to choke and burst
Earthquakes spill lava tears from bitten chocolate covered ice cream bar breaks
like the mad cracks of marriage slamming seismic plates against each other
dry ice attaches to my hand and falls smashed near the table


  1. from Mary Torregrossa:

    "A lot of energetic vocabulary keeps this poem moving. I like the telling line,'We pay no mind each hectic day until they shriek...'"

  2. Unique ways of describing terrestrial events scaring us and smashing lives apart. There's an underlying emotional impact of not caring when it happens other places, but when it's close to home...different story. Interesting comparisons.