Friday, December 7, 2012

Ivan Dryer

GOPocalypse 2012

We practice rituals of unnatural selection whenever the calendar calls for elections
First, Republicans fought out the Primary, grudgingly settling for Willard Mitt Romney
A fellow proclaiming whatever then pleased ya, a proclivity later labeled “Romnesia”
Whose past position--less than adroit--had essentially urged “Let go Detroit”
(A repeated refrain, played with persistence, an additional ‘Bain’ of his existence)
Was Ryan lyin’? (Was Biden snarky?), Telling “hard truths”? (Or merely “malarkey”?)
Uneven debates proved to be insufficient to cure a campaign so inefficient
Which, in the very last inning, ignored the scoreboard, declaring “We’re winning!”
While realists worriedly whispered “Oh my, oh!”--Virginia, Iowa and finally OHIO
Dems had surpassed an unfit economy; Repubs can’t survive one Mitt Romney
So they suffered intense electoral trauma, having once again lost to Obama
Never was there a tale of woe like the GOP and their Romney-o!



  1. from Mary Torregrossa:

    Wow. This poem really has a lot of control over the meter of its lines. The theme of the election is historically trending with the date you are celebrating. It is clever and interesting.

  2. You blended the lightness of the meter and rhymes and the heaviness of the topic masterfully. Love the last line and your nod to Juliet and her Romeo!

  3. I'm jealous! I wish I wrote this one! LOVE the rhyming!!!!

  4. Yes, in agreement with Lorelei...great internal rhyme. Your poem isn't only factual, it's just plain fun to read.