Thursday, November 15, 2012

Terry McCarty


it's our fault once again for making the conservative overlords so unhappy
not enough to lose an election without reaching for the claw hammer
and shouting that the electorate is immoral amoral dumbed by pop culture
to the point of voting for all those things conservatives call bad
gay marriage pot use health care they think those rights are wrong
read in NATIONAL REVIEW about how Right thinkers get mocked on TV
and the cure for this ill is to fight dirty like Democrats
according to the pundit who probably prays for Buckley's ghost to return
and cleanse the world of notions of equality and fairness to all
as we enter a period of corporate pouting with employees being fired
because profits need to be maximized and products should be even shoddier
while the Right turns its righteous rage on movies music and HBO


  1. from Mary Torregrossa:

    This poem has some interesting word combos. I like the end lines of the first stanza: so unhappy, claw hammer, pop culture, call bad.

  2. "they think those rights are wrong" - love this!

  3. I'm not an overly political animal, but you have pegged the state of the nation from the last election and before. Three great stanzas that pound those who need it. Some very good references included here.