Monday, November 12, 2012

Wanda Smith


Rioting pussy cats across the street and I see eye to eye,
My third story balcony faces the condo prison where the pussies howl.
Their human sisters in Russia locked up in Soviet prison for Hooliganism.
In tune to brave women wanting freedom of speech, California cats sympathize.
The Russian Rock group call their band “Pussy Riot” to shock propriety
protesting president Vladimur Putin's prejudice gets the women thrown in dark dungeons.
Pussy Riot sings their song in a Moscow cathedral earning prison time.
We watch news and sympathize with women putin up with unfair practices.
World wide news report Moscow Pussy Riot locked up in harsh Siberia
This wild rock group sing their riotous songs and earn fame and glory
Pussy Riot is as much of a riot as the Berlin wall.
Proud women who stand tall and are doing time for us all.


  1. Proud women standing tall, doing time for one and all...

    Siberia, just a place for the KGB to start again,
    making people fear the fight.
    Conservatism, especially of the Russian variety, sucks.

  2. from Mary Torregrossa:

    I like the focus of this poem considering the parameters of the form you've allowed for. It has consistency in that all words and stanzas are in service to the theme.

  3. Great topic! Love the play on words "putin up with unfair practices" and the line "Proud women who stand tall and are doing time for us all." Very moving.

  4. Interesting poem. I don't know this band's music, but heard about the incident. Tough to express your opinion in places like Russia.