Saturday, November 10, 2012

John Lavitt

The World Ending or the world not ending – which is more devastating?
As the final burps and grunts of 2012 erupt from the misbegotten,
Please refrain from wagging fingers, all those nasty I Told You So’s,
Why not a shot of compassion for bold signs gathering dust alone?
Jung approves; amid wheezy gasps, the apocalyptic consolation of all poor souls,
Bereft of Spirit, hoping for The End to arrive right on time,
Stirring in damp basements in between gameplay, a Left 4 Dead champion.
Freud could give a damn. Mommy boys, every last one of you!
What do you plan to do tomorrow when the virgin sun rises?
Tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow, screwed by such a petty pace each day,
Why not the dying cries of recorded time? Yesterday all fools alighted;
Out, out, brief passion! Must you insist love now begins in earnest?


  1. from Mary Torregrossa:

    Ha ha! Clever use of Shakespeare's famous lines! I like the first line setting us for what's to come. Interesting poem.

  2. Interesting combination of Oscar Wilde, the Apocalypse, and Shakespeare.

  3. Thank you, Don! Is there a book coming out?