Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stephen Colley

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

“Americans OK renewing Obama's Oval Office lease"
-- NANCY BENAC, Associated Press

We’ve got Antitrust, BLM, CFPB,
and the DEA, EPA, FDIC,
FCC, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, plus the Fed
and the GSA, running us into the red.
Medicare, NLRB, NSA
redistribute and regulate, day after day,
helped by OSHA, the OMB, PBGC,
And a White House that every four years is re-leased
ensures all of bureaucracy’s wheels stay well greased
for directors, detectors, correctors, collectors.
So who will protect us from all our protectors?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Terry McCarty


it's our fault once again for making the conservative overlords so unhappy
not enough to lose an election without reaching for the claw hammer
and shouting that the electorate is immoral amoral dumbed by pop culture
to the point of voting for all those things conservatives call bad
gay marriage pot use health care they think those rights are wrong
read in NATIONAL REVIEW about how Right thinkers get mocked on TV
and the cure for this ill is to fight dirty like Democrats
according to the pundit who probably prays for Buckley's ghost to return
and cleanse the world of notions of equality and fairness to all
as we enter a period of corporate pouting with employees being fired
because profits need to be maximized and products should be even shoddier
while the Right turns its righteous rage on movies music and HBO

Monday, November 12, 2012

Wanda Smith


Rioting pussy cats across the street and I see eye to eye,
My third story balcony faces the condo prison where the pussies howl.
Their human sisters in Russia locked up in Soviet prison for Hooliganism.
In tune to brave women wanting freedom of speech, California cats sympathize.
The Russian Rock group call their band “Pussy Riot” to shock propriety
protesting president Vladimur Putin's prejudice gets the women thrown in dark dungeons.
Pussy Riot sings their song in a Moscow cathedral earning prison time.
We watch news and sympathize with women putin up with unfair practices.
World wide news report Moscow Pussy Riot locked up in harsh Siberia
This wild rock group sing their riotous songs and earn fame and glory
Pussy Riot is as much of a riot as the Berlin wall.
Proud women who stand tall and are doing time for us all.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

John Lavitt

The World Ending or the world not ending – which is more devastating?
As the final burps and grunts of 2012 erupt from the misbegotten,
Please refrain from wagging fingers, all those nasty I Told You So’s,
Why not a shot of compassion for bold signs gathering dust alone?
Jung approves; amid wheezy gasps, the apocalyptic consolation of all poor souls,
Bereft of Spirit, hoping for The End to arrive right on time,
Stirring in damp basements in between gameplay, a Left 4 Dead champion.
Freud could give a damn. Mommy boys, every last one of you!
What do you plan to do tomorrow when the virgin sun rises?
Tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow, screwed by such a petty pace each day,
Why not the dying cries of recorded time? Yesterday all fools alighted;
Out, out, brief passion! Must you insist love now begins in earnest?