Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rina Rose

Iconic Farewells

Extinguished soaring farenheit temperatures
Ray signs off to earthlings, greets Illustrated Man
Take Five heartbeats ended; no more piano played
Dave now joins Paul in jazzy jam sessions beyond
Dick, World’s Oldest Teenager passed from dance and year’s end
to a place where tuneful bands keep music going
Dulcet tones silenced, Andy’s Moon River echoes
as lovers float on the waterway holding hands
Kincade’s brush painted God portrayed in scenic work
his earthbound craft showed others heavenly beauty  
Neil and Sally, showed us the cosmos – as first man
on the moon and first woman in space; search freely

Monday, December 10, 2012

Angela Moore

They say there is a drought in California.
Yet everywhere I see people watering lawns.
Sprinklers shower sidewalks and cars instead of plants.
At the first drop of rain the complaining begins.
Dear God I hate the rain, when will the sun come out?
A man is serving his thirty day jail sentence
And forced to pay a fifteen thousand dollar fine
Just for collecting rainwater and snow run off.
Instead water runs down driveways and into streets.
Water rushes down gutters and into storm drains
Delivering garbage and toxins to our sea.
Still we refuse to see ourselves in the cycle.


Take 12

There are 12 months in a year; seven days in a week.
Grandma was firstborn of 12 children and became the mother of seven.
There are 12 hours coming after midnight and 12 hours after noon.
The patriarch Jacob had 12 sons--Leah gave him 10, Rachel 2.
There were 12 tribes of Israel but 10 disappeared after Assyrian invasion.
First 12 words of II Kings 12:12, the 12th book of Bible-- 
“In the seventh year of Jehu, Joash became king, and he reigned....” 
Since most of the 12 apostles were peasants who couldn’t read or 
write, the epistles said to be written by Peter were probably forgeries. 
Colossians, 12th book of New Testament was probably not written by Paul.
By the age of 12, I had read the Bible through twice.
Knew what adultery was but not fornication until I lost my virginity.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

James Gabriel


One state tore, two state more, red state sore, blue state bore
Black man here, white man there, incumbent, challenger
This one has a little money, that one has lots
Say mom, that lotta money has tax years missing
He’s called Romney, with women binders are empty 
Some are glad, some are bad, some talk heavy bull crap
Some are Obama and some others are obtuse
Some are fit, some are fat, fat cat’s wear big red hats
Some have two lies, some four, some six lies, some have more
Run here to there with Town Hall cheers, mudslinging fear
Some are red, some are blue, funny shady things people do
Everyone blows smoke, pick one. Don’t know? Time to vote.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Ivan Dryer

GOPocalypse 2012

We practice rituals of unnatural selection whenever the calendar calls for elections
First, Republicans fought out the Primary, grudgingly settling for Willard Mitt Romney
A fellow proclaiming whatever then pleased ya, a proclivity later labeled “Romnesia”
Whose past position--less than adroit--had essentially urged “Let go Detroit”
(A repeated refrain, played with persistence, an additional ‘Bain’ of his existence)
Was Ryan lyin’? (Was Biden snarky?), Telling “hard truths”? (Or merely “malarkey”?)
Uneven debates proved to be insufficient to cure a campaign so inefficient
Which, in the very last inning, ignored the scoreboard, declaring “We’re winning!”
While realists worriedly whispered “Oh my, oh!”--Virginia, Iowa and finally OHIO
Dems had surpassed an unfit economy; Repubs can’t survive one Mitt Romney
So they suffered intense electoral trauma, having once again lost to Obama
Never was there a tale of woe like the GOP and their Romney-o!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jim Babwe

Fewer Than A Dozen Questions
About A Dozen Donut Bakers
Who Dozed Instead of Making
Dozens of Donuts on December 12, 2012

If twelve donut bakers dozed instead of making
dozens of donuts like they were supposed to make
how would someone find a dozen donut bakers
to make dozens of donuts instead of dozing?

Would a dozen new donut bakers be able
to make the dozens of donuts the other twelve
bakers decided not to make and dozed instead?

How long would it take twelve dozen donut bakers
hired to replace the twelve dozen donut makers
to make the dozens of donuts other donut
makers were unable to make because they dozed?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Laura Henneforth

Some Will Say....

Greenland is too close to the sun, some will say, the water
Too warm to be cooled by glacial ice fracturing into the Atlantic
Antarctic shelves melt in blue depths, shortening the march of the penguins
Stirring up maelstroms off African shores that bulldoze raw Gulf Coast cities
Built too far below these fast rising sea levels. Some will say
The islands of the Southern Cross lose their beaches to encroaching tides
And Los Angeles will mimic Seattle’s low cloudiness but some will say
“A pattern!  A myth! Why, Global Warming is only a Fairy Tale!
“A few more degrees to heat the seven oceans isn’t that bad
“Greenland and Antarctica still make ice. It just thaws a little faster.
“So what if a polar bear has no berg to rest on?
“If Sandy drowns Wall Street how will the money ever stay dry?”

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Maria Arana

Earthquakes 2012

I can see the ruptured waves bring down the homes of children
like a very bad case of GERD, earthquakes bring out the worst
great magnitudes of fractured faults beneath the earth show on relief maps
Earthquakes move, shake, and bounce while we go on with our lives
we pay no mind each hectic day until they shriek above 3.0
check out Beverly Hills 3.4, Yorba Linda 4.1, Brawley 5.3, Indonesia 6.6
I can see the frequent nightmares not known to begin or end
like the bop your spine makes after being inactive a long time
one loose part in this engine causes others to choke and burst
Earthquakes spill lava tears from bitten chocolate covered ice cream bar breaks
like the mad cracks of marriage slamming seismic plates against each other
dry ice attaches to my hand and falls smashed near the table

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stephen Colley

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

“Americans OK renewing Obama's Oval Office lease"
-- NANCY BENAC, Associated Press

We’ve got Antitrust, BLM, CFPB,
and the DEA, EPA, FDIC,
FCC, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, plus the Fed
and the GSA, running us into the red.
Medicare, NLRB, NSA
redistribute and regulate, day after day,
helped by OSHA, the OMB, PBGC,
And a White House that every four years is re-leased
ensures all of bureaucracy’s wheels stay well greased
for directors, detectors, correctors, collectors.
So who will protect us from all our protectors?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Terry McCarty


it's our fault once again for making the conservative overlords so unhappy
not enough to lose an election without reaching for the claw hammer
and shouting that the electorate is immoral amoral dumbed by pop culture
to the point of voting for all those things conservatives call bad
gay marriage pot use health care they think those rights are wrong
read in NATIONAL REVIEW about how Right thinkers get mocked on TV
and the cure for this ill is to fight dirty like Democrats
according to the pundit who probably prays for Buckley's ghost to return
and cleanse the world of notions of equality and fairness to all
as we enter a period of corporate pouting with employees being fired
because profits need to be maximized and products should be even shoddier
while the Right turns its righteous rage on movies music and HBO

Monday, November 12, 2012

Wanda Smith


Rioting pussy cats across the street and I see eye to eye,
My third story balcony faces the condo prison where the pussies howl.
Their human sisters in Russia locked up in Soviet prison for Hooliganism.
In tune to brave women wanting freedom of speech, California cats sympathize.
The Russian Rock group call their band “Pussy Riot” to shock propriety
protesting president Vladimur Putin's prejudice gets the women thrown in dark dungeons.
Pussy Riot sings their song in a Moscow cathedral earning prison time.
We watch news and sympathize with women putin up with unfair practices.
World wide news report Moscow Pussy Riot locked up in harsh Siberia
This wild rock group sing their riotous songs and earn fame and glory
Pussy Riot is as much of a riot as the Berlin wall.
Proud women who stand tall and are doing time for us all.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

John Lavitt

The World Ending or the world not ending – which is more devastating?
As the final burps and grunts of 2012 erupt from the misbegotten,
Please refrain from wagging fingers, all those nasty I Told You So’s,
Why not a shot of compassion for bold signs gathering dust alone?
Jung approves; amid wheezy gasps, the apocalyptic consolation of all poor souls,
Bereft of Spirit, hoping for The End to arrive right on time,
Stirring in damp basements in between gameplay, a Left 4 Dead champion.
Freud could give a damn. Mommy boys, every last one of you!
What do you plan to do tomorrow when the virgin sun rises?
Tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow, screwed by such a petty pace each day,
Why not the dying cries of recorded time? Yesterday all fools alighted;
Out, out, brief passion! Must you insist love now begins in earnest?